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Does ComCan install and maintain networks for small to medium sized businesses?

Does ComCan assess existing networks and make recommendations based on our requirements?

Does ComCan procure the hardware and software it recommends and provide a quote on supply and installation of both hardware and software?

Does ComCan provide IT advice and solutions to non-profit organisations?

Does ComCan provide IT training to business staff?
Yes, we can assess your business requirements and advise you on proven IT solutions. We can install and maintain your network and advise on any expansion upgrades required in the future.

Yes, we can assess existing networks and trouble shoot any problems that currently exist with a written report based on your business requirements.

Yes, ComCan is an authorised reseller of many hardware and software solutions and can provide quotes as per your requirements.

Yes, ComCan has always provided IT advise and services to non-profit organisations and industry unions.

Yes, ComCan and our associates can provide IT training specific to your business requirements.

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